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Multi-Channel Applications: Aspect CXP

Build and manage speech-enabled voice applications, chat bots on text/messaging channels (SMS, USSD, FB Messenger, Twitter, webchat ...) with natural language understanding, and mobile Web applications, using the world's most powerful customer self-service application lifecycle management platform. CXP provides developer tools for application development and integration, testing tools, tools for operations and configuration, and comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities.
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Telephony and Call Control: Prophecy VoiceXML and CCXML

Prophecy, Aspect's VoiceXML and CCXML-based IVR platform, is the basis for Aspect CXP's IVR offering. As an alternative to using CXP for application development, you can leverage your existing CCXML and VoiceXML skills and tools to create telephony applications that use speech recognition, touch-tone, inbound and outbound calling, conferencing, call routing, call transfers, voice biometrics, and call recording.
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Inbound and Outbound SMS

Add SMS capabilities to your customer service offerings easily, and mash your voice and text applications together by leveraging Aspect's SMS gateway, built on the industry standard GSM OneAPI, and powered by multiple SMS aggregators globally.
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